Name: Valencia   
Flower: Double
Color: Yellow       
Pot size: 13, 17, 21, 21(stem), 24

Valencia is the second largest city of Spain. Valencia is located at the Costa del Azahar at the Mediterranean Sea and the Turia river. The city was founded in the year 138 before Christ by the Romans and is the birthplace of the Paella, one of the most famous dishes from Spanish cuisine. Valencia has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and very mild winters. The average annual temperature is 17.8 degrees Celsius. Every year, there is only 454 millimeter of rain, which falls the Mediterranean way: concentrated in the month of October, with heavy rains sometimes even causing flood. Valencia is located at the mouth of the Rio Turia, in a fertile plain, the Huerta. This allows the Valencia province to be a rich horticulture area with orange plantations, cotton plantations, lemon, almond, pomegranates plantations and white mulberry trees for silkworm rearing.