Name: Florence
Flower: Single
Color: Yellow       
Pot size: 17, 21, 21(stem), 24

Florence is a city in Italy. It is the capital of the Tuscany region and the Florence province. The city has about 368.000 residents and is situated at the Arno river. The Italian name for Florence is Firenze, and the city is world famous for the many art treasures, museums, historic buildings and parks. In addition, it is an important trade and industrial city. Florence is the birthplace of the renaissance, an art movement that emerged around 1400. One of the most famous representatives of this movement is Michelangelo, who created the statue of “David” among other artworks. The importance of Florence as trade city in past centuries is reflected in the names of other currency. The Hungarian Forint thanks his name to the Florin, and the Dutch guilder was originally called the golden florin. That is why the abbreviation for guilder used to be f. or fl.