Name: Marseille
Flower: Single  
Color: Red       
Pot size: 17, 21, 21(stem), 24

Marseille is one of the five largest cities of France. Marseille is located at the Mediterranean Sea, between the Côte Bleu and the Calanques, in the region known as the Provence. Marseille has a Mediterranean climate, with mild, humid winters and hot, dry summers. Marseille is also known for the mistral which provides blue skies. The sun shines about 2800 hours a year. When you visit Marseille, you’ll find yourself in the oldest city of France and in one of the oldest cities of Europe. The port has always determined the course of affairs in the city and although it no longer has an economic function, ‘Le Vieux Port’ is still where you’ll get to know the real Marseille. In the many restaurants you can not only experience the authentic atmosphere of the city, but the most delicious fresh fish meals as well.