Name: Torino
Flower: Single   
Color: Orange       
Pot size: 13, 17, 21, 21(stem), 24

Turin (Torino in Italian) is the second largest city of North Italy, right behind Milan. It is located in the South West of Milan and at the North west of Sanova. It is the capital of the Piëmont region and the Turin province. In 2005, Turin had a population of 902.255. Turin has a continental climate, which differs significantly from the rest of Italy, which is known for its comfortable Mediterranean climate. The winters are cold and dry and the summers are chilly in the hills and reasonably warm in the plains. During the winter and fall, you’ll frequently find thick fog banks in the plains. It is often thought that Torino is a grey industrial city located in the shadow of Milano. This characterization sells this city short. Torino is a very elegant and stylish city with a baroque city center and beautiful shopping galleries.