Care tips

To be able to enjoy your Hibiscus as long as possible, we have listed the best tips below.

  • Put the Hibiscus at a light location
  • Don’t place the plant near fruit (prevent ethylene damage).
  • Remove overblown flowers.
  • Water the Hibiscus twice a week, don’t let the soil dry out.
  • Add plant food every other week to guarantee flowers emerging from the buds.
  • Don’t rotate the Hibiscus. The flower buds always grow towards the light. If you rotate the plant, they might harm themselves while rotating and fall off.
  • Hibiscus blooms until October. Afterwards, place the plant on a light and cool location (at least 10°C) and moderately water it. Mid-January, prune the plant, repot it if necessary, after which new buds will form. Every new flower pair provides a flower bud.